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Escuela Viva Playa del Carmen

Admission process

It is very important that before processing the registration to our school in Playa del Carmen, you understand and accept our ideology. Please if you want to discuss any point with us, we will be happy to do so but please do not process the registration if you have doubts.

-We are a family school, we want to get to know our children and their families, know their needs and create a unique and safe space for them. 

-Our teachers are not superior beings with the absolute truth, to whom children must ask permission to speak, they are guides in the learning process, always respecting the needs and characteristics of each child, without limits or temporary obligations in their learning.

-Escuela Viva is a community, moms and dads are encouraged to be part of the day  to day, from coming to tell a story to the little ones or sharing their knowledge or professional experiences with the older ones.

-Being inclusive and democratic is vital for us, we do not carry out a leveling test or an admission test. It is our duty as a School to give your child a space adapted to their needs, which helps to enhance all their abilities and progress at their own pace.


 click here  to start the admission process 


Complete the form, following the instructions.


Choose the payment method that best suits you.

Within 24/48 hours of receiving the form, we will contact you to confirm the data.

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